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Situated in Beaumes de Venise (Vaucluse, France), the « DOMAINE DE LA PIGEADE » knows no age.

An ancient stomping ground for travelling pigeons, it is today transformed into a center of vinification and cellar of tasting for the Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Beaumes de Venise red, the Vacqueyras, the côtes du rhône village Séguret and the Côtes du Ventoux.


This Provencal domain is nestled at the foot of the « Dentelles de Montmirail » (Lace of Montmirail), 30 minutes from the Mont Ventoux, the giant of Provence, often called « the bald Mountain » inasmuch as vegetation can not grow on it’s summit due to the famous Mistral wind.

The Domain is about 30 hectares, distinguishable for a number of centuries by it’s clay-like soil and limestone, by the terraces and the majestic presence of olive trees.


La Pigeade, as legend would have it, has received such illustrious visitors as Clement V, who was the Pope in Avignon. The Holy Father, « fin connaisseur », had planted along the mountainside of Beaumes de Venise a « Muscadière », the plant on which grows the muscate grape. The entire harvest was reserved for the private cellars papal palace.


1996 was a formidable year for the Domain. Thierry, at the age of 26, finished his studies in viticulture an œnologie with a practical commercial training conducted in California (Navarro Vineyard). Returning from the US, he decided to work on the exploitation of the family Domain, launching « DOMAINE DE LA PIGEADE » on 17 of the family hectares.


It would seem daring today but what a challenge it was… restoring the old buildings, enlarging and reconstructing, all the while keeping intact the charm of this dwelling. An importance was placed on the marriage and harmony of tradition and innovation.


Tradition… as the harvest is still conducted manually, transported as far as the cellar in cases of 30 Kg, and then poured onto a storing table. This permits the elimination of the spoiled fruit, allowing only the finest grapes to make their way into the tank.

Innovation… due to the fact that the vinification of the Muscat must use all of the techniques available today to extract every flavour and fragrances.

Le Ventoux au lever du soleil
Pano domaine et dentelles

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise


Cepage: Muscat blanc à petits grains

Yield: 30 hl/ha

Soil: Clay / Chalk

Harvest: The Grapes are hand sorted, pressed at lowed temperature and cool fermented to preserve maximum flavour. The wine is fortified by

addition of pure alcohol which stops the fermentation and preserves its unique taste.

Characteristics: Clear gold, brillant with golden tints, the complex flavours are associated with the elegance of an aroma of white flowers and the power of exotics fruits.

Production: After a cold skin maceration and pressing, alcoholic fermentation is maintained at 18°C. Malolactic fermentation is prevented in order to preserve the wine’s freshness and acidity. The wine undergo fining and ageing takes place in vat to bring out the varietal aromas and natural volume of this whit fine wine.

Drinking tips: Ideal as an aperitif, with foie gras, blue cheese or whole fruit desserts such as melons and strawberries. Drink young and always chilled.

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