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The Mythical expression of a terroir

Legend as it that the source of Sarrabelle, which springs up near the medieval Montaigut castle, was the place of  with the beautiful Yolande.

Its name comes from an old Occitan expression «sarrobello» which means to embrace one’s love. From the castle’s destruction during the crusade against the Albigeois,only the foundations remained, upon which  the Montaigut chapel was built. 

Today, Laurent and Fabien Caussé (8th generation of wine growers on the Sarrabelle  estate)  gave the name of  this source to their wines.They produce top-of-the-line wines such as the vintage Saint André and Mauzac de Sarrabelle.

Permanent research, in keeping with agricultural tradition has led to the development of a sweet white wine ( in limited production) sought  after and served in the finest gourmet restaurants. 

Tradition, Innovation and Quality are the Caussé brothers trademark.



Age of the vines: 4 years old.

Grape variety: 100% Muscat pe t grains.

Wine making: Vinification at low temperature is followed by a six-months ageing on lees.

Description: On the palate the exotic fruits are strong with delicate flowers following througt. This wine is great served as an aperitif or with chilled desserts also accompagnies equally well with white meats or shell sh.
To be served chilled.

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