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Domaine de Vauroux was created in 1960 by the Tricon family.

This vineyard is holding now over 40 hectares. It is located around the village of Chablis on slopes whose south-east and south-west exposure to the sun is ideal. The marly limestone soil, with a high Kimmeridge (specific limestone) content, gives our wines all the characteristics of a genuine Chablis.

The single grape-variety used is the Chardonnay: the vines grow in harsh conditions, since the soil is very stony and dry. But this restricts yields, thus helping quality.

Situated in the heart of the Chablis appellation, Domaine de Vauroux uses all its know-how in the production of its wines. In order to respect and to develop the exceptional qualities of the wines we are producing, we have built a very modern winery with state-of-the-hart equipment.

Thanks to the reliability and the reputation of Domaine de Vauroux, you can find our wines in the best-known restaurants in France and abroad.


We do not produce this cuvée every year but only the best ones. It comes from

our vines of Chablis and are selected when the harvest is made.

Grape Variety

Chardonnay 100%




South / south-east

Average Age of the Vines

40 years


Maturity control, harvest and pressing, juice selection, alcoholic fermentation, malolactique fermentation, clarification by filtration, storage in stainless steel tank for 9 months and final filtration.

Tasting Notes

The grapes, which are harvested when the full ripe, give the wine a very strong and complex bouquet. With the passage of time, the honey and acacia aromas will fade in favour of fragrances of dried fruit and hazelnut.

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