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The CIV USA- GARCIA CARRION farming tradition originates in Jumilla in 1890.

Our ancestors as owners of vineyards, produced grapes and sold the wine on their own winery. Furthermore, in 1890, the actual management’s great- grandfather built a new winery with large scale for that period. This was to manage the rapid growth of Jumilla’s wine exports to France, where the vineyards were devastated by phylloxera.

Nowadays and since 1968 the company has been managed by Jose García Carrión, incorporating his son Luciano in 1997, who has given a great push into the international markets.  A family heritage passed down over five generations is glad to be forming a part in the U.S.A market. For over 125 years we have held our values of quality that have been passed down through five generations: the quality of all of our products, the quality in the care and service we bring to our customers, and that human quality in the spirit of our team that has always characterized us.

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