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Chavin is a collaboration between a prodigy in the art of blending and vinification and a specialist in wine marketing.

Chavin brings together, in the South of France, two wine lovers with family winemaking roots in Alsace and Champagne.Chavin is the creation of Fabien Gross and Mathilde Boulachin. It has grown from nothing and is gaining a solid reputation throughout the world, from Tokyo to New York. Chavin is first and foremost the result of an intense passion and a dream come true.

Domaines Pierre Chavin designs ready-to-consume, stylish, ethnic, cosmopolitan, haute couture, prestigious and often unique wines with close links to their terroir.

Social Responsibility

The Maison Chavin is inscribed in a sustainable approach. It works with natural materials in order to preserve the beauty of our environment. It works with respect, gratitude and consideration at every stage of the winemaking process.

And where is Pierre in all of this?

Domaines Pierre Chavin is not an eponymous domaine. 'Pierre' is the ultimate name for a Frenchman. Literally meaning 'stone', it is closely connected with the soils and terroir. 'Chavin' is borrowed from the world of fashion. It is a short, memorable name which encompasses the word VIN, the domaine's very reason for existing. The combination is music to our ears and easy to pronounce for all nationalities and accents. However, work in the vineyards and wine production cannot be summarised by just one or two people. They provide a condensed version of the skills and abilities involved. The credit goes to all of the ''Pierres'' that make up the Chavin family.

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