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In just a few decades after its foundation in 1982, Sovex Grands Châteaux has become one of the leading merchants of the Bordeaux wine trade. Boasting wide-ranging expertise and working with both Grands Crus and small estates alike, the company is a favourite partner for many wine producers.


Today, more than ever, Sovex Grands Châteaux is reasserting its commitment to diversity and opening its catalogue up beyond the borders of Bordeaux. A new adventure is beginning from Bordeaux and beyond, with french sparkling wine, wines from Southern France and abroad, with Spanish, Italian, Chilean wines... and also a wide range of spirits.

La Croix Beaucourt Bordeaux


Bordeaux A.O.C. wines, which represent over 50% of Bordeaux's production around the whole Bordeaux vineyard, embody the much-appreciated Bordeaux style of harmonious elegance and aromatic complexity. The region takes its name (which translates roughly as "next to the waters") from the strategic location of the city; at the crossroad between the Dordogne River, the Garonne River, the Gironde Estuary into which they flow, and the Atlantic Ocean. Bordeaux's climate is well moderated by its proximity to these different masses of water. The geographical area of the Bordeaux appellation extends over the entire Bordeaux vineyard. Accordingly, wines are produced on a large variety of soils and subsoils, including chalky-clay, clay-limestone, gravel, sand, ferruginous sandstone, silty-clay and fossilized starfish on flatlands, plateaus, hills and foothills. The region's long, relatively warm summers are ideal for growing late-ripening grape varieties. Summer daytime temperatures hover around 25°C-30°C, while winter brings sub-zero temperatures only occasionally.


Soil: Large variety of soils, selected on the whole appellation area.

Location: Selection of plots of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc on the whole appellation's vineyard.


Classical vinification. Total Destemming. Fermentation with daily pumping- over. Ageing in vats with temperature controle.

Wine Tasting

This wine shows a beautiful bright violet colour. The nose develops pleasant fruits aromas. Its nice attack gives way to a rich mid-palate made of complex aromas. This wine offers an appreciated intensity on the finish.

Food Pairing

Serve at 17-18°C with roast beef, grilled rack of lamb or with chop of veal and mushroom sauce, along with gratin of vegetables. This wine will be perfect with a good selection of fine cooked meats or cheeses.

Ageing Potential

From 3 to 5 years ​

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